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Sam Kirby

Bowling Green, KY Media Arts Phone: 270-202-6832 [email protected] Sam Kirby is the CEO and Creative Director of Vid Monster Productions. An interactive video production workshop with Sam is designed to engage students in every aspect of creating a professional video. Each student will walk away having gleaned critical thinking/problem solving skills, an increased sense of their own creativity, and an end product to be proud of. Students will divide into groups where they will be challenged to work with limited items to create a story. Upon completing...
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Talleri A. McRae

Louisville, KY


Phone: 847-567-6640 Website:

“I am a teaching artist who curates theatre arts experiences for students of all ages. I often use a story as a jumping off point for a highly participatory lesson for younger students, and will often offer story as metaphor when I facilitate more specific skill-based lessons for older students. My hallmark style involves placing the student experience at the center of each lesson, and crafting accessible, personalized questions that explore not only the art of theatre, but the depth...

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Bob Montgomery

Berea, KY

Black Smithing and Metal Sculpture Wolf Gap Mountain Forge

Phone: 859-986-7552

Metal-working residencies are designed to complement the teacher’s lesson plan. For example, with a unit on Colonial America, we see how iron was used and how important it was on the frontier. In a science class we study energy transfer and how heat affects iron in the forge. While studying the concepts, the students work in the forge and help create a project that relates to their course of study. Metal armature sculptures...

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Carrie Neumayer

Louisville, KY

Visual Arts

Phone: 502-767-5733

Carrie’s residency offerings can be tailored to a theme that supports inclusive learning in any curriculum subject (addressing Common Core) and could include group comic anthology projects, mural projects, experimental photography lessons or pop art sculptures.She holds a BFA in painting from the Art Academy of Cincinnati and a MAT in Art Education from the University of Louisville. Carrie has eight years of experience teaching diverse student populations as an art teacher with Jefferson County Public Schools....

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Patricia Ritter

Burkesville, KY

Visual Arts Drawing, Painting, Murals, Collage, Clay & Puppetry

Phone: 270-433-5605

As a teaching artist, I encourage participation and expression by offering a variety of projects, techniques and media. I work with teachers to develop residencies that are accessible and developmentally appropriate, and can include drawing, painting, murals, collage or puppetry with the goal of helping each student experience creativity through hands-on art processes. I have taught students of all ages and abilities through grants with the Kentucky Arts Council and other programs since 1995....

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Suzanne Renfrow

Bowling Green Area, KY

Visual Arts Pottery, painting and mixed media

Phone: (270) 526-2740

I design unique activities that encourage students of all abilities to experience and create art. I coordinate the arts activities with curriculum themes chosen by teachers and KCAS. My goal is to provide the tools and environment where students can feel comfortable and confident to make art whether it be in the classroom or at a community event. I have taught pottery, painting, and mixed media art classes to students of all ages for several...

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Jennifer Rose

Berea, KY

Music Traditional Music and Dance

Phone: 859-986-9075

My residencies most often focus on traditional Appalachian music and dance. Classroom groups can learn to play the dulcimer, try out Kentucky pioneer dances, or sing along with Appalachian folk songs. My lifelong training as a dancer and musician, BA in vocal music from Berea College , and two decades of teaching experience through VSA and others qualify me for work with any group. I often work with my husband, Alfredo Escobar, on multi-disciplinary projects....

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Andee Rudloff

Bowling Green, KY Visual Arts Murals,Painting,Drawing,Street Art, Lettering, Installation, Design

Phone: 615-438-6852


As a teaching artist, I engage all students through visual language and in variety of visual art media. I work with educators and staff to develop residencies which are accessible and meet curriculum goals. Residencies may include drawing, painting, murals, lettering, street art, installations and design. I am equally comfortable facilitating inclusive hands-on learning experiences with both small and large groups of students. With over 20 years of experience in art engagement,...

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Octavia Sexton

Orlando, KY Theater Storytelling/Drama Phone: 606-256-9796 My storytelling/ writing residencies incorporate literary/drama elements with Appalachian storytelling. Core content based and using participatory activities, I focus on developing performance and literary skills and individual creativity to present and/or write a story, skit o play. I adapt my teaching strategies to the dynamics of the classroom and may use drawings, costumes, masks, musical instruments or objects gleaned from a classroom scavenger hunt. I have a degree in education and over 25 years teaching experience....
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Judy Sizemore

Annville/Eastern Kentucky

Literary Arts

Phone: 606-364-5831

As a literary artist, Sizemore has collaborated with teachers to integrate literature, creative writing and the arts with the social studies curriculum through 100+ in-school residencies (varying from one week to nine months). She has over 300 stories and poems published in magazines and anthologies and one published book of poetry. Her greatest pleasure is helping young people to find their own voice, whether they are writing poems or documenting their community traditions....

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