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Frankfort, KY Visual Arts [email protected] Creating art has been very therapeutic for me. It relaxes me and allows me to remain calm, taking me into my imagination and away from the conflicts in my thoughts. It has been a great confidence builder and gives me freedom to express myself in a beautiful way....
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Tasha McGee

Louisville, KY

Visual Arts Encaustic, fiber, and mixed media Website: tashamcgeefiberart.wordpress.com

Tasha McGee received her BFA in Fiber Art from the University of Louisville in 2009. Tasha's Untitled Series were created through a layering process involving wax and linen on canvas to build up a relief surface. "It's all about creating a detailed/multi-layer surface to peer into." Tasha is inspired by dreamlike painting and watercolor; especially Chagall. Since being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder 1, Tasha says her art "attempts to show how I...

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Bob Paxton

Frankfort, KY

Painting Visual Artist

Phone: 502-682-9648

Bob Paxton grew up in a home filled with art, and continued to tour art shops and museums with family throughout his life. Bob began painting late in life; “I was always too busy looking at other people’s art, I never thought about making my own!” Bob now paints on a daily basis and finds it introspective and cathartic. Bob Paxton uses acrylic on canvas, and painting helps him cope with loss and reminds him of fond memories. ...

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Nicole Agro

Lexington/Bowling Green, KY Visual Arts Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media, Murals, Digital, Printmaking, and Craft Art Phone: 270-779-7268 [email protected] Instagram: instagram.com/n_agro2/ I am a visual artist and art educator who is interest in providing participants in my workshops a chance to experience various types of visual art. I am a UK alumnus with a BFA in Visual Art Studio/Art Education, along with a Psychology minor. Aside from my work in art and education, I continue to find ways to utilize art to stay engage and to support...
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Danielle Blevins

Louisville, KY

Music Visual Arts printmaking, paper making, book arts and sculpture

Phone: 502-322-4484 www.cargocollective.com/danielleblevins

Danielle Blevins has a BFA in printmaking and a concentration in Book Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art, and is a trained Master Printer of Lithography with a degree from the Tamarind Institute. She collaborates with both kids and adults to facilitate projects that foster both creativity and community outreach. She first worked for VSA in Albuquerque, NM on a printmaking project that included partnering with a local farmers market....

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Cutivetti Dye

Bowling Green, KY

Visual Arts Ceramics, Sculpture, Mixed Media

[email protected]

I am a visual artist and educator that enjoys collaborating with teachers to create new and exciting ways to enrich our students through the arts. I have previous experience working in residential treatment, with special needs and at-risk students K-12. I believe that art has the ability to create, communicate and offer opportunities for educational growth in all students no matter what their personal limitations may be. I am looking forward to working together…. “Be the change you want...

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Devonna Hisel

McKee, KY Fiber Artist (606) 438-0307 [email protected] As a fiber artist I create lesson plans and residencies that collaborate with the teacher’s request and curriculum standards. I can bring sewing machines into the classroom and aid the students in using them to create their own pillows, small quilt blocks, and other sewn items, or I can design a non-sewing project. I have worked with students in public schools, as well as kids in 4-H. I also work with adults. The residencies are designed so that students of all capabilities...
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Sam Kirby

Bowling Green, KY Media Arts Phone: 270-202-6832 [email protected] Sam Kirby is the CEO and Creative Director of Vid Monster Productions. An interactive video production workshop with Sam is designed to engage students in every aspect of creating a professional video. Each student will walk away having gleaned critical thinking/problem solving skills, an increased sense of their own creativity, and an end product to be proud of. Students will divide into groups where they will be challenged to work with limited items to create a story. Upon completing...
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Talleri A. McRae

Louisville, KY


Phone: 847-567-6640 Website: www.tallerimcrae.com

“I am a teaching artist who curates theatre arts experiences for students of all ages. I often use a story as a jumping off point for a highly participatory lesson for younger students, and will often offer story as metaphor when I facilitate more specific skill-based lessons for older students. My hallmark style involves placing the student experience at the center of each lesson, and crafting accessible, personalized questions that explore not only the art of theatre, but the depth...

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Andee Rudloff

Bowling Green, KY Visual Arts Murals,Painting,Drawing,Street Art, Lettering, Installation, Design

Phone: 615-438-6852

Website: www.chicNhair.com

As a teaching artist, I engage all students through visual language and in variety of visual art media. I work with educators and staff to develop residencies which are accessible and meet curriculum goals. Residencies may include drawing, painting, murals, lettering, street art, installations and design. I am equally comfortable facilitating inclusive hands-on learning experiences with both small and large groups of students. With over 20 years of experience in art engagement,...

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